For our first year anniversary Andrew booked a cabin in Soquel. It was very small, and very awesome. The double doors swung out like barn doors and every window had a view of Redwood trees. Above the bed was a sky light with a view of a towering redwood above us. Just writing about it fills me with rejuvenation.

The dream is to someday live in the mountains. The fresh air. The tall trees. The quiet.

But, right now we are living a duplex next to a park with dozens of strangers passing our driveway daily. This has been an internal struggle filled with discontent and anguish. Because I want to be somewhere else and yet we are here.

Last June we toured a small home on an organic fruit farm in the Los Gatos mountains. It was a small home built in the early 1900’s with a two car garage, not intended for cars, but for tools. There was garden beds in the back and a whole backyard that needed some TLC. The kitchen had wallpaper of wildflowers, and dried herbs hung around the nook for decoration. This space was dreamy.

It was an open house and people came through in the first hour we were there. We ended up talking to the owner for nearly another hour. We talked about raising chickens, their farm stand, God, homeschooling, and life in general!

Leaving the property we knew that we did our part and waited a week to hear back from the landlord. We were second in line, he said. So sadly we didn’t get the space.

Andrew and I just bunkered down in the duplex and decided not to look for anything for awhile. One day in November we were driving in the rose garden area, and started talking about where to live. I’m not sure if this happens often in your marriage – but we both agreed on something easily and quickly. The subject didn’t feel forced. It came up, we both had the same thing on our hearts, and we decided to stay in the duplex.

There are many things to grope about in this space. But there are a lot of things to be thankful for, too.

We walk to a community coffee shop inside a church for coffee and tea lattes.

I walk around the park and we have parties there, too. People hang outside all day, and there’s a playground for the kids to play on. The same swing set my cousins and I climbed for my 8th grade graduation party is the same place their kids swing on.

Andrew walks to the auto part store anytime he needs something, which is pretty often.

A new boba place opened up that looks promising.

We walk to our local Donut Basket and eat bagels, apple fritters, and a blueberry donut when available.

All these things are literally blocks away; Target, our bank, and our pets vet.

We frequent a local taproom and pizza place, and in the summer we walk there to meet friends and family.

It’s close to freeways and central to a lot of cities; as we both travel for different jobs.

A 15 minute drive to the airport, awesome for when we travel, and when we have to pick up anyone flying in.

My grandparents come atleast once a month, and its a nice way to spend time with them. We hang out in the garden in the mornings before they go off to hang out with their friends.

Although we hope to live in the mountains one day – this is where we’re at. I won’t wait until we live in our ‘dream space’ to make it a home or fully enjoy life.

Everything I think might happen when we live in the mountains; slower pace, less stress, more beauty – we can do now.

We cultivate quiet and slow in our home.  Our chickens are laying eggs, we have fruit trees in our back yard, and we’re working on growing more food next year.

An escape to the mountains or the beach is only 45 minutes away.IMG_1865

Life happens now. Not when we get to a desired location, martial status or financial goal.

And that is the a sweet spot in life; being grateful and content where you are while having an intentional plan to where you eventually want to be.

So cheers to a new year of gratitude and perspective! Happy 2019!

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