Packing Light



When going out of town I enjoy traveling with less. I get a lot of questions about why it’s so important, and how it’s done. While being away from almost 2 months this trip has really solidified my passion for packing light.

Easier mobility   Grab it and go are my jam! No waiting at baggage claim for bags or lugging around multiple suitcases up stairs. In Asia, elevators are not common, so thinking about carrying my stuff up to 7 flights of stairs is enough motivation for me to have what is essential. When carrying a huge luggage its harder to get in/out of places, including vehicles. I was on the back of a scooter taxi for 15 minutes to the bus station and that made me

Save money – this is a double sided coin. Not paying extra for luggage, (AirAsia charges by weight), and not purchasing anything because it doesn’t fit. 😛

Essentials –

It’s a carry on size luggage that can be pulled or strapped on as a backpack. It has a day pack attached with multiple compartments, and space for two water bottles. You can attach the day pack if needed. I’m also able to clip on my yoga mat to it!

  • yoga mat // for sanity and health on this trip. it has been one of my saving graces
  • macbook air + charger  I will re-consider bringing this, 3 pounds lighter.
  • ipad + charger will get a different case with a keyboard attached to double as a laptop
  • unlocked iphone + charger  unlocked is key! so you can put a sim card in your phone. 10GB of data for $20 a month.
  • camera sony A6000 + charger
  • earphones
  • small bible
  • copy of passports
  • passport
  • credit card + debit card  // charles schwab *reiumbursed international transaction fees
  • power bank
  • external hard drive I won’t bring next time
  • toothbrush + sanitary stand
  • deoderant, always on hand because lots of heat + humidity = sweat
  • cetaphil face wash, I ended up purchasing Neutrogena Deep Clean
  • comb
  • 1 pair of earrings
  • 1 necklace
  • engagement + wedding ring
  • 3 oz bottle of  dr. brenner’s castile soap
  • 3 oz bottle of lotion,  the water is hard ’round these parts, so I used it often. When not using lotion I used coconut oil, as it was provided by our AirBnB. But, when I used coconut oil I noticed more mosquito bites.
  • lush shampoo bar , ditched conditioner
  • murala oil for moisturizer
  • eye cream
  • razor
  • SPF
  • mosquito repellant, a “natural”kind of repellant is sold here in thailand for super cheap

When packing clothing do not wear anything you wouldn’t wear in daily life. This time I packed a bunch of quick dri clothing because I knew I would be in heat and humidity, but the first city we were in, I spent most of the time in AC, and wore dark denim jeans most of the time. This city was more western anyhow. When headed to Northern Thailand, and China,  I felt comfortable in my flannel, leggings and tank tops. Wear what makes you comfortable. Plus, you don’t want to look like a “tourist”, even if you are one. You just stick out like a sore thumb.  Be comfortable, and be yourself, and respectful at the same time.

  • hat
  • white tank top
  • grey leggings
  • bathing suit
  • columbia omni wick dress green
  • columbia omni wick dress black
  • orange/blue flannel as a cover up and long sleeve
  • rain jacket
  • striped T shirt
  • pjs: camisole + shorts, also used for yoga + pilates
  • white off the shoulder shirt
  • black tank
  • denim shorts
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 3 undies + 2 bras (wash em in the shower!)
  • nike frees
  • sanuk slippers with sling
  • boots I bought at a market for $6

Last month the King passed away, and the whole country was asked to wear black. We planned to celebrate Loi Kathrong in Chiangmai, and it is respectful for females to wear clothing that covers your shoulders, and skirts that go past your knees. So I bought a couple pieces of clothing to comply, and specifically for our lantern event. I could have used my dark leggings, but I wanted to wear something a little nicer for this event.

  • black skirt $5
  • dark navy hippie pants $3
  • black dress $11
  • Plexus Slim
  • BioCleanse
  • ProBio5
  • Hydroflask
  • Sunglasses + glasses
  • lavendar oil
  • pepermint oil – oh those windy car rides
  • tea tree oil – for pimples, burns, and bug bites
  • reusable bag
  • travel fork
  • eyeliner
  • CC cream
  • bronzer + brush
  • mascara + eyelash curler
  •  chapstick
  • Tarte liquid lipstick

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