Big Sur

Big Sur is intriguing. Marked with history and landscapes where the mountains and the ocean meet, it’s beautiful all right.

We left a little before 8am with hardly any traffic. On the way we stopped in Carmel at  La Sala’s Bi-Rite Market for sandwiches. (Thanks, Yelp!)  Grab your bread first, take it to the counter, and choose your meat, and fixings. The employees were really friendly & nice. You can grab snacks, and drinks, too.

Back on the road like a kid in a candy store, we stopped at several locations of the freeway. The view was incredible and the fog was rolling off the mountains.

Big Sur, no wonder everyone loves you.


Our destination was Julia Burns Pfieffer Park. We parked outside of the entrance and to our surprise, we were right outside of McWay Falls.


We went through the entrance of the park and walked down to the falls. It’s breathtaking. With no public access to the beach its no wonder why it looks pristine.

Felt a little hungry so we ate our sandwiches with this view. (Sandwiches were great, would definitely recommend visiting La Sala’s!)


In the 1900’s there was a house built here and this was view outside of the bedroom window. Talk about a million dollar view! Even cooler, she was a Mrs. Brown. 🙂

IMG_2356My best friend and I – she’s a silly one.

Further down there is another look out with a couple of benches to enjoy the view.


Onward to the hike!
This trail has it all: clear water running through, and beautiful trees everywhere. We passed a couple spots with picnic tables and grills.



The trail is paved with plenty of shade. It goes uphill with 1600 elevation gain so plenty of water and good socks + shoes are a must!


In 2008 there was a wildfire leaving some of the trees with burnt markings, and hollow inside.

Trees unveiling history. The texture is so beautiful.


We had such a great time, and will definitely come back.






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