Cheers to 1 Year!

This past weekend Mr. Brown & I ventured to the Santa Cruz mountains. Not only is it one of our favorite places to visit, it’s a special place to us!

It started off with a recommendation from my sister, The Cremer House. The salad and soup combo was delicious, mixed greens paired with a beet, and ginger soup. Brown got the Cremer burger with bacon. We shared a flight. That was fun. A mix of IPA, pale ales, and even a plum cider. My favorite were Dread Brown & Death and Taxes.

The ambiance is nice and simple with a historical feel. If you appreciate beer, you should visit!

Afterwards we walked around the New Leaf Market, and caroused the bulk section for snacks. It was great. From teas to honey, and granola, I could’ve stayed in there for hours. We took our snacks and ventured right down the street to The Abbott. It’s a thrift store with everything from clothing to furniture, and even a store cat. (Score!)

We decided to kill time and go to Quail Hollow Ranch for a hike. This was my first choice for a wedding venue. The only downside was it accommodates 100 people max. While making the decision to book, it became unavailable. Which was totally fine, we got married 6 miles away at Highlands House & Park.

My heart sunk a bit when we walked around Quail Hollow because it is so.stinkin.beautiful, and part of me wished we got married here instead. I think it’s more our style. The bright side is we can visit anytime we want, and at our 10 year mark: vow renewal. he he

It’s a historical house built for farmers, and later owned by the owner of Sunset magazine. There’s original wall paper, and issues of Sunset magazine displayed, with photos attached to storylines of history. There were also stuffed bobcats, mountain lions, birds, owls, and snakes (that I didn’t take photos of).

The “backyard” leads to different trails. We chose one and it went around the corral. Brown found a friend, and snuck in some handfuls of grass to feed him.

More walking along the trail. This trail was paved. I stopped to take a couple of photos here and there. A snake was nearby, and I freaked out a bit. Andrew ran after it. And yes, running after and befriending animals happens quite often on our adventures.

And to spice up our day, we somehow managed to meet the dead end of our trail. We turned around and found this was in fact, the way to go. The tree fell and blocked our path. So we climbed through it.

We made it out okay, with only two snake sightings, and 1 piggy back ride.

Afterwards, we ventured to our Airbnb.  On our way we saw this Farm Stand. It works on the honor system so you must have cash. Prices are marked, and you leave the money on the counter in a locked box. There’s plenty of space to sit and enjoy the day if you want to stick around for awhile.

We finally made it to our Airbnb, and I didn’t know what to expect. True to his nature, Brown just knows. Accompanied with outdoor space to relax, a grill, fire pit, badminton net, and a walk down to the creek,  it was perfect.  The cabin is small and has a restricted occupancy, so it’s a great visit for 1 or 2 people.


The inside had everything we needed: kitchenette (we  microwaved our pullet eggs into an omelette), bathroom with shower, queen size bed, small table, TV with dvd player, and some board games.

A fully stocked kitchen with spices, steak rub, coffee, tea, and even hot cocoa mix. There were jars of little chocolates, and homemade bars for us.

The view outside the windows look like this:

Brown programmed the coffee maker so in the morning we woke up to the sound of coffee brewing, filling the entire place with its aroma, the sound of a faint rooster crow, water streaming behind us, and looking up to a window in the roof with a view of: more leaves and branches! Incredible.

A great start to a two day celebration. Cheers to one year of marriage, and soaking in God’s goodness.

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